Next Meeting:
May 7th, Lake Park
Dog-Powered Citizen-Science in Central Massachusetts

Welcome To Woofster

Woofster is a local meeting, typically held on the first Sunday of the month at Gibson's Natural Pet in Worcester MA. Meetings are open to any dog owner, but we do highly encourage you to become a Darwin's Dogs member if you are not one already. That way we will have your dog's behavioral information in our database, and you won't have to wait for a DNA kit: we will bring you one!

This website is a work in progress. For now, if you'd like to join Woofster, please email Brittney.

The Activities

So what do we do at these Woofster meetings? Lots! We have a theme for each meeting that focuses on your dog's behaviors and other abilities. For example, our first meeting was focused on paw preferences. Multiple activities were done in order to determine which paw your dog prefers to use. At each meeting we will provide handouts describing the science behind an activity or the overall theme, so you know why we are doing it. We also will have informational posters with fun facts about the theme of the meeting.

The Data

Coming soon ...

The App

By participating in Woofster and giving us your feedback about each activity you are contributing to the Darwin's Dog research project. We are currently making a mobile app for Darwin's Dogs; the activities that we find to be valuable and reliable based your feedback will be featured in the App.

The Darwin's Dogs app will include many of the activities that we do at Woofster. Your feedback and your dog's data will help us identify the most reliable and interesting activities. The app will help us to collect more behavioral information about the dogs in our study while allowing us to correlate this information with the dogs' genetics.

The Calendar

Sunday May 7th: Canine Good Citizen


(Information coming soon)

Lake Park by the track 2/15

The Dogs

We greatly appreciate our Woofster participants! Without them we would not be able to continue to grow the Darwin’s Dogs project. Not only are we excited to have people contributing to our research, but we are just as excited to meet with the owners and dogs that make our research possible. We are more than happy to talk about the Darwin’s Dogs research while at the Woofster meetings. We can give you updates, and even some special thank you gifts for your support and contributions to the research by participating!